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Dulles South Veterinary Center

COVID-19 Update

To Our Valued Clients,

With COVID 19 in the news and uncertainty in the air, we would like to let you know a few facts as it relates to your pets and our hospital. Dulles Veterinary Center is open for our patients during our regularly scheduled hours of operation. Nothing in the care of our patients has changed. Dulles South Animal Emergency is available 5 days a week as always for the care of your furry family members. By understanding the current situation, making a few modifications for safety reasons, we hope to be able to continue that as we have for the past 20 years.  

  • First, according to the CDC( and WHO(, pets do not get this virus. Because the virus can live on wet surfaces, it is advised to minimize face licking and to wash your hands after playing with or petting your pets (this should be done for good hygiene even without the fear of Coronavirus).
  • At Dulles South Veterinary Center, we take the health and safety of you and your pets very seriously and have always disinfected exam room tables between every appointment and have disinfected rooms and floors multiple times during every day. Within these guidelines, all of our cleaning supplies are hospital grade and have been shown to kill bacteria and viruses including corona. We have added additional cleaning steps to our already rigorous procedures by including high touch areas being cleaned more frequently including chairs, counters, and doorknobs.
  • The staff has been instructed to monitor their personal health and are not permitted to come to work if they have a fever or feel ill, have been around the same or have been traveling. We ask the same of our clients. This virus can be spread for up to 14 days potentially in otherwise healthy individuals.
  •  For everyone’s safety, if you have a fever or respiratory illness, please do not come into the office (this includes “healthy” people who have known or potential exposure for which self-quarantine has been advised). 
  • If you are ill and If your pet has an appointment for a routine service, please call and reschedule. If you are ill and your pet is ill or injured, please find someone to bring them in for you. We can discuss our findings over the phone with you and arrange pickup or drop off where necessary.
  • If you are healthy and have a routine preventative appointment for your pet, we will adjust our check out procedures to the rooms so that we minimize any contact unnecessarily.

By following these guidelines, we hope to keep you and your families healthy and safe. As always, we appreciate your support of our practice. Feel free to call us should you have any questions.