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Dulles South Veterinary Center Reviews2015-08-23 by Susan M

"I would like to thank all of the staff for helping my husband and me through a very difficult time with our beloved dog Lovie. Lovie was taken here for emergency care while we were away on vacation. Dr. Griffing contacted us immediately. She told us exactly what was going on and promised to keep in touch with updates. She was true to her word. Lovie's condition worsened and we were notified. We left our vacation early and drove back. The entire trip home we were in frequent contact with Dr. Pattie. She gave us updates and advice regarding Lovie's declining condition. We were told that she had fallen and was not able to get up. My husband and I were so upset because we pictured her lying on the floor by herself. When we arrived to the office, we found Tracy, the vet tech, lying beside Lovie. She had been there for hours. She kept her company and talked to her and comforted her. Lovie was very sick. Her prognosis was not good. We stayed with her and talked to Dr. Pattie. Dr. Pattie was very helpful and understanding. She answered all of her questions with patience and empathy. We had to make the decision to let Lovie go. We grappled with it and Dr. Pattie listened to our concerns and addressed all of them. She did not sway us one way or the other. We asked that an autopsy be performed because of the sudden, unexpected nature of her illness. After staying with Lovie and saying goodbye we drove home. About 2 hours later we received a phone call from Dr. Pattie to tell us that she had started the autopsy. She wanted to assure us that we had made the right decision in letting Lovie go. This was such a kind gesture. The sadness we felt and continue to feel is immense but it was lessened by Dr. Pattie's phone call. I cannot say enough good things about the love and care that our Lovie received from the staff here. Thank you so much."

Dulles South Veterinary Center Reviews2015-08-29 by Linda M

"The doctors and staff are so amazing. Hugs and kisses to all of you, Dr. Luce, Dr. Griffing, Dr. Hood, Jessie VT, Kat, (and I'm missing a name or two I'm sorry!) for your love and support during our last moments with Chance. He was the best dog ever and you all took the absolute best care of him his whole 10 years of life."

Dulles South Veterinary Center Reviews2015-09-01 by Jennifer S

"They take awesome care of my doggy daugher, Lily! Great, personalized customer service and the entire team is super friendly and informative. Beth, our surgery tech, even sent me texts with updates and pictures the day of her procedure!"

Dulles South Veterinary Center Reviews2015-07-05 by Jan S

"Thank you to everyone who has helped my girl Penny recover from a nasty bout of pancreatitis following a serious surgery. She was really sick and the entire staff has worked to bring Penny safely through the danger. A special kudos to Dr. Luce for the many nights he stayed up all night after working through other emergencies and giving Penny his attention undivided. This was a labor of love. And to the other vets (Dr. Hood, Dr. Pattie, Dr. Griffing and Dr. Neuberger), vet techs and vet assistants and Amy, Kat, Pam and all the new receptionists, much love for the kindness and caring you showed me every day as I was making this terrible journey with Penny. You are all the best of the best."

Dulles South Veterinary Center Reviews2015-09-16 by Angela P

"Love and miss the best vets ever! I spent many years with them before moving to Florida and they really do treat your pets as their own! I would trust them with any of my babies & just can't say enough about the care, knowledge and personal attention they provided to my family of Akitas and Pugs over the years."

Dulles South Veterinary Center Reviews2015-10-02 by Nosey N

"Most of all I love the personalized level of kind, compassionate, caring service that my dogs and I receive. From the front desk staff, the office management, the techs and the vets, I always feel that my dogs needs are a priority and they are in good hands. I couldn't be happier!!The doctors, technicians, and staff all have hearts of gold. They have been so caring and wonderful to me and my dog Lucy."

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